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Testimonials ~ The evolution of women's cardio kickboxing begins...

 Introducing the newest ~ most unique group fitness experience... learn from the fitness trainers of The Miss Universe Organization, The Oprah  Winfrey Network, and many respected singers such as Beyonce... past experience includes UFC high intense training converted into teaching self  defense to women... here you will pull from forms of the martial arts and resistance training... they will come in the form of your strike and deliver  the ultimate high energy workouts while converting impact into the body with perfect balance and harmony... awaken your destiny... live your  dreams...


Crissy Cicco: "This is a high energy class like no other                                          I've experienced."


Canice Neary: "I've never taken a class like this before and found it to                     be a great stress reliever."      


Andy Rollins: "I love this class and how it boosts my self esteem and                     confidence."





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