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Provided Fitness Programs for 267 clients and we are very proud to have won the award for being the best rapid results trainers nationwide ~ 2002. Won the award for achieving the best results for our client's BMI (Body Mass Index) & lowering BPF (Body Percentage Fat). Our clients toned to their best physical appearance. Became the official Bally's Model in 2002 (Company's Principal)



We personally train women in the area of self~defense in kickboxing and great synergy in Brazilian Jiu~Jitsu. Provide Seminars and served as the head consulting instructors in the area of dynamic training programs in fat reduction without surgical procedure. 


We train all who have a powerful potential in finding their ultimate goals... Here we will serve you with corporate culture that will fit your professional work out regimens. We will provide the best pinnacle corporate fitness trainers to tailor one's high energy performance in their respectable capitalist field... 



Choreographed lessons for the purpose of burning fat, toning the muscle, and maintaining the perfect definition of the body. Developed kickboxing and weight training instruction mixed with tai chi and yoga. your body will beautifully practice punches and kicks and convert the energy for isolating your muscle.

           MUSCLE TONE


Here we transform your body with weight training through resistance. To isolate the best muscle tone with respect to the best cardio kickboxing instructors, pilates instructors, and peak core instructors... here you will also burn fat and calories for a leaner body to shape key muscle groups...  

           CORE STRENGTH


Increase your core strength by uniting the strands in your body in isolation through pilates, agility through abdominal core exercises, and constant physical fitness regimen programs. 

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