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About Us

 Training women in the area of cardio kickboxing ~ leading the forefront of dynamic training programs in  fat reduction without surgical procedure... Choreographed lessons for burning fat ~ toning the muscle ~  and maintaining the perfect definition of the body...



 Developing Kickboxing Regimens for the sole  destination of extending the release of  gorgeous energy... here you willl search for  your inner universe and self determination  where you will find your best physical  results... your fate depends on it... your  health thrives on it... through the existence  of continuous triumph within yourself... and  out... you will perfect the image of perfection  within yourself... because this is your true  universe... without you the universe would  not exist.. 

            GROUP TRAINING


Develop a new level of training with a paramount of high impact aerobics... join our unique fitness program in Chicago... we will deliver high energy workouts that boost participates self esteem and confidence with all who join our class... from respected television networks ~ Harpo Studios ~ The Oprah Winfrey Network ~ formerly the Oprah Winfrey Show ~



Corporate Executives including ( The Walton Family ) owner's of the world's largest retailer "Walmart" ~ we train all who have a powerful potential in finding their most valuable asset ~ their health... here we will serve as your professional personal fitness trainers... with repsect to the best cardio kickboxing instructors, pilates instructors, and peak core instructors...

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